About Us

LiftnShift – The Simple Solution to your Relocation!

Why Us?

Services that we offer are backed by a full safety guarantee. When your personal belongings are in question, a full safety guarantee should be involved.

We offer flexible hours, so if you are planning to during a weekend or on a national holiday, we will be glad to assist you. We have multiple backup teams, so if our schedule is not busy, we can send in multiple teams for the same day service.


We Can Do It All!

With us, you will have the least amount of stress with your relocation. We would assist you with box packing, unpacking, delivery, loading, unloading, storing and all other related tasks.

Anywhere! You Just Name It!

Our team can help you relocate to any part of the country, and that too, with the greatest simplicity of operations.

Who We Are

LiftnShift has been providing relocation services since 2009. We have served thousands of customers with relocation, deliveries, packing and other such services. We have not been in the market for long, yet we have a lot of positive feedback, around 95% which guarantees that your relocation services would be done in a fully professional manner with minimum hassle. Please read on to see why we are where we are in the relocation industry.

We Will Exceed Your Expectations!

You can easily customize the service that is required,like, for instance, you can easily change the number of workers that you require,etc. We can also send a team in for inspection in order to find out how many workers will be required in order for the relocation to happen. You can opt for this if you are unsure of the number of workers that will be required.

We also arrange regular quality checks of the staff so that we now that we are providing nothing less than the best relocation services.

The Relocation Experts!

We can handle all types of relocation jobs. No job is too big or too small for us. We are skilled movers who are capable of undertaking the most delicate of jobs. So, whether it’s a fish tank or an antique wooden piano, you can completely count on us!