What Do You Get With LiftnShift?

LiftnShift has an overall experience of around 10 years and has credibility as one of the moving companies that are the most reliable. We have also improved our services with several additional benefits such as a safety guarantee where we provide insurance cover for all the loading, unloading and moving of the furniture. Another one of the additional benefits is the work schedule being completely flexible,so it does not even matter if it is 1’o’clock in the night, you can simply pick up the phone, call us,and we would be simply on our way. We provide overnight services as well such as after 7pm so that you can utilize your daytime for much more important tasks. We also have public holidays and weekend appointments as well.

We will carry out all of the loading and unloading using a vehicle that you have specially chosen for the occasion. We will also guide you towards the right sized moving vehicle for the purpose.

We also offer discounts as well. Be sure to book multiple services from us to get exclusive discounts.

Single Item

If you want to move or shift just a single item and you do not possess the right vehicle to transport it, then you can simply contact us. We are economical and reliable for this specific purpose.

These single items would cost around $70 (terms and conditions apply), where the item would be transported with care, it would be protected, covered and strapped while being transported.

Multiple Items

If you require more than a single item to be transported, then you can contact us with all the information of the good that requires being moved. We would offer an hourly rate or a fixed rate based on the overall situation. All of the items would be transported with care; it would be protected, covered and strapped while being transported.

Full Loaded Items

If you have single or multiple items of immense weight that require being moved from point A to B, then we are the solution. Our vehicles have tail lifts which can easily handle the weight of the item(s). Please be sure to mention the weight of the item(s) when you contact us.

Junk Removal

If you have an item or several different items in your place that you need to get rid of since they are taking up a lot of space or for any other reason, then you can contact us in order to get rid of it. We would pick it up at any time and drop it off at the recycling center. If they are closed, then we would hold the items until the next day in order to dispose them off. All of this at a very nominal price.