Packing Services

Lift n Shift can provide you with services for packing and unpacking. We can also take the rubbish at the end of the move. Just inform us of the requirements,and we will complete it at reasonable rates.


Small Office Shifting

If you have a small office, then Lift n Shift can assist you with the move. It is overall economic, faster and better to move with us.

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Single or Multiple Items

Single items can be moved using $70 and multiple items; the quote can be given once we have all the details. All of the items would be transported with care, protection, and this would be covered and strapped while the transfer. Explain the movement in details so we can give you the best quote.

Pick Up and Delivery

We at, Lift n Shift, can pick up your items from anywhere, including furniture from IKEA, K-mart,etc. Instead of carrying this task out yourself and hiring a truck, you can simply contact us,and we will do the rest and, that too,with lower cost. We can also remove the packaging as well for a minimal cost.


Removal of Rubbish

We can pick up your rubbish at any time, even when the recycling centers are closed. We will pick it up from you and dispose of it the next day when the centers are opened. This way your life is made simple and less hectic.


Storage Services

We offer storage services according to your budget, so you do not have to pay anything extra.


Assembly & Disassembly of Furniture

Why waste several of your precious hours on assembling the furniture? We have experts that can carry out the task for you at a very low cost and cost. If you are shifting or selling off something, then we at Lift n Shift can be of your service.

Our team can help you relocate to any part of the country, and that too, with the greatest simplicity of operations.